updated on 17/12/2005
For an original piece of artwork from
your favorite photo
contact me:
Deb McGuire

Foundation QH & Aussies
Everson Wa
quality foundation horses for sale,
standing 3 AQHA stallions,
Australian Shepherds
This page has alot of
photos and may take
a bit to load
please be patient
square boxes come in several sizes
serving trays, come in 3 sizes and can be
used as trays, wall hangings or made into clocks
Photo albums or scrapbook covers come in 2 sizes,
have not been able to find photo pages for smaller one
napkin or letter holders
wall plaques,
many sizes and shapes
shelves come in a variety of lengths and styles, but due to the small space to burn they take a small picture on them. Headshots work best.
woodburning items are great for horseshow hi-points and year end awards.
a few of the things available are
lazy susans, chip& dip bowls, recipe boxes,  oak toliet seats,
bread boards,
I keep finding new things, and if you have any ideas just let me know. Willing to try most anything.
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Works of Art

one of a kind works
done from your favorite photo,
leather mandellas,
painted longhorn steer heads
oval shaker boxes come in several sizes,
also rounds.