Our first litter of Australian Shepherd puppys in 4 years.
And boy is it a bumper crop.
10 puppys with a selection of all colors, 5 boys and 5  girls!!!
All have gone to wonderful new homes.........
These pictures were taken at 18 days old
black tri female,
with dark orange copper, face blaze no collar
black tri female,
light copper,
wide blaze, 3/4 collar
black tri male,
dark copper,
face blaze,
full wide collar
Littlest but not least.........blue female, really dark copper, no collar.
blue merle male,
medium dark copper,
blaze, 1/2 collar
red tri female, light rusty red, light copper,
face blaze, white spot on collar
red tri female, dark liver,
light copper, wide blaze and full wide collar
red merle male, dark copper, bald face,
full wide collar, large liver body spot
red merle male, light copper, bald face,
narrow collar, no large liver patches
red merle male, DARK copper, minimum face white,
almost full collar, large dark liver band around middle
This cutie has a home,
she is going to Oregon to live with her Uncle.
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Pictures at 5 weeks.
Pierce & Lizzy
HAPPY 10th Birthday
CONGRATULATIONS Dawn, I 'm sure this will be one major spoiled puppy.
On your Super SMART puppy.