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Read the article about how the "good bugs" work by Twenka Daves
IRISH ACRES started using Fastrack in the winter of 2001-02 as the result of a conversation with Twenka over the fact that I had a barn full of weanling "beavers".
  I had four 2001 weanlings that were eating the barn down when stalled at night. They were receiving the same rations as I have fed my weanlings for the last 20+ years. We have never had a problem before but obviously something was lacking this winter.
Twenka suggested putting them on Fastrack to see if they would utilize what they were eating better. I did and within 2 weeks NO MORE wood chewing.
We also gained softer haircoats and better weight gain. And a SHINE on buckskins in the winter.
The horses that I had on Fastrack also shed out quicker in the spring.
The crew of "Beavers" as fall weanlings
We purchased a 17 yr old AQHA mare in the spring of 2001 that came here very thin.
She had a stroke (or something similar) in October of that year. As she was heavy in foal at the time of the stroke we were at a loss as to what to do with her to help her utilize what she was able to eat. She had fallen and broken her front teeth and the stroke has left the right side of her face paralyzed, making it harder for her to chew and graze. Again, thanks to a suggestion from Twenka, we put "Chex" on Fastrack along with her senior feed.
Below are some before and after pictures of "Pacific Chex"
April 1, 2001
June 1, 2001
"IA BoChex BoomrRang" the gorgeous
Grand Champion filly that "Chex" presented us with.
photo at 4 months of age.
March of 2002 Chex with her week old filly
This was 4 months after her "stroke".
You can still see marks on her face where she has trouble getting up when she lays down. Her solution to that is to never lay down on purpose.
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updated on: 12/17/2005
Fastrack Direct-fed Microbials
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Spring yearling pictures after 3 months on Fastrack
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