Blue Dawn IA Tugboat Teddy
aka "Tug"
1988-2003 Black Tri male
sire: Ch Donegals Aire of Command CD
dam: Donegal Galina
IA SeaTugs Blue Banshee
1991-98 Blue merle female
sire: Tug
Sky Ranch  RedRex Donegal
aka: "Rex"
1998 Red Tri male
sire: Ch De Abajo Double Latte' Donegal
dam: Donegals White Orchids
Thank you
Gayle White, Donegal Farm for
our red Boy, he's doin' great.
IA Huckleberry Blue MoonFrost
aka: "Berry"
1999 Blue Merle Female
sire: Kruegers Huckleberry
dam: Crimson Moon
Thank you
Cathie Crawford & John Mack for this fun puppy
(she never slows down
enough for a "good" picture)

Rex & Lady
Follow the "leader"
Rex & Lady
Still going
Guess all that coming and going must be tiring....
Berry & Duke
Yes he's got a "short" name......
just like his pedigree
Ridgeback & Golden
But VERY happy
Tug & Bogey
Tug & Private Stock
Tug & DoBee
As you can see our dogs are raised and deal well with other animals.  They are also very cowy and really want to work. (Now if I could only learn how)
We will occasionally have puppies
Stud fee: PT
Rex & IA Private Reserve
Rex has his own page now. Click here to check it out.
updated on: 12/17/2005