Rocking V Kota: 1992-04 dun mare,
15.1 hds, 1100lbs
owned by: Rocking V QH, Lynden Wa
leased by: IRISH ACRES, Everson Wa
Tiger Taylor: 1978 dun stallion,
15hds, 1100 lbs
owned by:  Springhill Farm,
Arlington Wa
This page was last updated on: December 17, 2005
Rowdy pedigree
Rocky pedigree
Dun colt,
IA Kotas Forest Tigr
Due to unfortunate circumstances we lost Rocky so Forrest is being raised by the dogs, goats and everyone else on the place.
He never lacks for company or someone to wash his face (or the other end).
photos at 4 days,
still wearing his "Starwars" get up.
are you my mommy??????
photos at 1 week
11 days