On this page you will find the current pictures of the 2004 foals.
These pictures will change regularly so keep checking back.
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This page was last updated on: December 17, 2005
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IA KC's Turbo Jammin Jinks
dark brindle female
4 months.
This girl has stayed home to keep her mom company.
Aussie puppies due in April.
Palomino colt, 2/28/04
sire: IA Rio el Dorado
damL Blondys Gold Lady x The Ultimate Star
IA Florita del Luna, dun/roan filly, 3/9/04
sire: Poco Bootjack
dam: IA Lucera del Alba x Pauls Scoobydo Bee
IA BoChx HeartString, chestnut colt, 3/21/04,
sire: Poco Bootjack
dam: Pacific Chex x Mr Kim Bar
IA Poco Bootstrap, grullo/dun ? colt, 4/2/04
sire: Poco Bootjack
dam: Misti Easter Lily x Pauls Scoobydo Bee
They're here, born 4/17/04
6 females and 3 males
IA Kotas Forest Tigr, dun colt, 4/6/04
sire: Tiger Taylor x Paul Easter
dam: Rocking V Kota x Pauls Scoobydo Bee
IA Easter Jag, bay colt, 4/11/04
born Easter Sunday,
sire: Tiger Taylor x Paul Easter
dam: Sasha Hill x Pauls Scoobydo Bee
IA Dox Wild Manznita, bay filly 4/16/04
sire: IA Deuces DoBee Wild x Pauls Scoobydo Bee
dam: Dox Double Image x Dox Chex
Puppies, 4/17/04
6 females, 3 males,
4 black tris (1 male), 4 red merles (2 males)
1 blue merle female
more photos soon.
c'mon...just one little kiss.........
all females  are sold.

Shedding out BLACK chestnut
all females have been sold
IA Poco Bootblack: black colt, 5/2/04
sire: Poco Bootjack x Poco Cherrio
dam: Pocos Black Velvet x Poco Fact
IA WarDrums Glowbug: bay tovero filly, 5/23/04
sire: McCue Bug x Sky Bug Reed
dam: Lil Miss War Drum x Mighty War Drum
IA Torsidas Payasa (Twists Clown): dun/black frame-overo filly, 6/2/04
sire: McCue Bug x Sky Bug Reed
dam: Twist N Away x Fly Away Straw
IA Pines Bootshine:  dun/roan colt, 8/17/04
sire: Poco Bootjack x Poco Cherrio
dam: Stareena Pine x Barry Pine