On this page you will find pictures of the 2009 foals.

These pictures will change regularly so keep checking back.
They are on this page in the order they were born,
Newest arrivals at the bottom.
All are for sale unless marked otherwise.

We hope you enjoy seeing them grow as much as we do.

IA Magnums Sweet Spitfire
bay tobiano filly born 3/20/09
sire: Tuckers Mr Magnum, black tobiano APHA
dam: McIntosh Sweet Endeavour, section A Welsh
IA Deuce Dunnit Diva
dun filly born 3/24/09
sire: IA Deuces DoBee Wild
dam: Dunnits Starlet x Dunnit for Money
1 day old
3 months old
4 days old
3 months old
dun filly, born 3/19/09
sire: Poco Cherrio
dam: IA Snipparoo Bee x Pauls Scoobydo Bee
few hours old
12hrs old
IA Chex For Cherrios
dun filly, born 4/7/09
sire: Poco Cherrio
dam: Chex For Royalty x Uptown Chex
24hrs old
IA Easters Poco Teak
bay colt, born 4/12/09
sire: IA Poco Sequoia
dam: Misti Easter Lily x Pauls Scoobydo Bee

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<4 months>
Whispr, Teak,
3 weeks
4 weeks old
5 weeks old
12 hrs old
IA Magnum Chalice
bay  tobiano colt, born 4/16/09
sire: Tuckers Mr Magnum
dam: Melo's Cutie (QH) x Mel O Win

1 week>
36hrs <old
3 days >
IA Whispring WilO
dun filly, born 4/22/09
sire: IA Poco Sequoia
dam: IA Dox WilO Win x Mel O Win
Whisper was born with contracted front tendons. She is coming along in leaps and bounds and is never still.

"Whiskey colt"
palomino colt, born 4/24/09
sire:Lil Peppy San Gold
dam: Taylors Ten High x Tiger Taylor.
Whiskey had a huge, very pretty dark pal colt. Unfortunately he was so big it took her too long to have him and he didn't make it.

IA Poco Ash
black colt, born 4/29/09
sire:IA Poco Sequoia
dam: Buckstitched Merlin x Poco Merlin

16hrs old
1 week
<4 m old
36hrs old
IA Poco Juniper
bay roan filly, born 5/6/09
sire:IA Poco Sequoia
dam: IA DoBees Stardust x Pauls Scoobydo Bee

11 days>
4 months>
< 4 weeks
6 weeks >>
36hrs old>
2 m old>
IA Boots N Pistols
dun colt, born 5/20/09
sire:Poco Bootjack
dam:Freckles Holy Remedy x Freckles Page Boy

12hrs old
4m old
IA Poco Aspen
red dun/roan colt, born 6/4/09
sire: IA Poco Sequoia
dam: IA Lucera del Alba x Pauls Scoobydo Bee

12hrs old
4m old
IA  Nics Bonsai Cat
buckskin/gray colt, born 6/5/09
sire: Nic Light
dam: Buckaroo Peppy Cat x Buckaroo Bueno Chex

12hrs old
3 month old
"Niquie colt"
buckskin, born 6/12/09
sire: Easterbrooks San Diego
dam: R Hossy N Das Dominique

8hrs old
all 20inches of him
4m old>
<6 weeks
FINALLY All are here....
photos at 5 1/2 weeks
Puppies have all gone to their new homes....thanks to everyone who inquired.
3 weeks old
4m old
1 month old
2 days old
3 months
photos at 1 month.
Last but not least: FANCY buckskin miniature colt available
more photos at bottom of page.
Definate show/stud prospect.