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Sasha Hill 
1992 Bay mare
sire: Pauls Scoobydo Bee  
dam: Taffy Hill
IA Lucera del Alba
1996 Dun Roan mare
sire: Pauls Scoobydo Bee  
dam: Stareena Pine

Dunnits Starlet
2003 dun mare
sire: Dun It For Money
dam: Sister Joaquin

Mel O's Cutie
1992 buckskin mare
sire: Mel O Win
dam: Joy By Jaguar
in foal  for 2010 to Poco Cherrio
Chex For Royalty
1999 dun mare
sire: Uptown Chex
dam: Royal Allie Marie

Buckaroo Peppy Cat
2001 gray mare
sire: Buckaroo Bueno Chex
dam: Samsan Peppy

We have top quality, athletic, foundation bred mares, with exceptional temperaments.  Producing the type of all-round  working horse that todays market demands.  With the added bonus of color. All are high % foundation
We are scaling back so some of our mares are for sale or possible lease. Just ask if you see one you like.
Working, Foundation lines
in these mares include:
King, Pretty Buck, Blackburn, Showdown, Silver King, Poco Bueno, Poco Tong, Poco Fact, Poco Pine, Poco Deal, Driftwood, Drifing Sage, Bill Cody, Cal Bar,  Blackman Burdick,  Leo,  Hobo,  Billy Clegg, Paul Easter,  Snipper Reed, King Fritz, Waggoner....

Click on mares name for an extended pedigree.
We always have a few quality foals for sale in the spring.
Sometimes  broke horses.
Standing for 2010:
Poco Bootjack  Buckskin
IA Deuces DoBee Wild Dun
Fees:  $500  LFG  / $750 LCFG
Also: Registered Australian Shepherds

This page was last updated on: February 8, 2010
Freckles Holy Remedy
1998 red dun/claybank mare
sire: Freckles Page Boy
dam: Dellas Dun
in foal  for 2010 to: Poco Bootjack
IA DoBees Stardust
1995 Bay Roan mare
sire: Pauls Scoobydo Bee
dam: Stareena Pine

Taylors Ten High
1999 liver chestnut mare
sire: Tiger Taylor x Paul Easter
dam: Hi Steppin Babe x Big Step
in foal  for 2010 to: Lil Peppy San Gold
Buckstitched Merlin
2001 buckskin mare
sire: Poco Merlin
dam: Kings Star Maid

Misti's Easter Lily
1998 bay mare
sire: Pauls Scoobydo Bee  
dam: Misti King Satin
in foal  for 2010 to: Poco Cherrio
IA Snipparoo Bee
1989 bay mare
sire: Pauls Scoobydo Bee  
dam: Snipparoo
in foal to: Poco Cherrio
MacIntosh Sweet Endeavour
2002 bay mare mare
Section A Welsh
sire: Glenhavens Sweet Endeavour 
dam: Bonita Star Trix

IA Dox Wil O Win
2001 bay/dun mare
sire: Mel O Win
dam: Dox Double Image

Dun filly born 3/19/09 
(full sister to filly in photo)
Bay filly born 3/20/09 
and boy is she CUTE!!!!
four HIGH white stockings
white tail.

Dun filly born  4/7/09 

Bay colt born  4/12/09 

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Bay tovero colt
born  4/16/09 
Dun filly born  4/22/09 

Palamino colt born  4/24/09 

Black colt born  4/29/09 

Dun  colt born  5/20/09 
Colt sold
buckskin/gray colt born  6/5/09 

Red dun/roan colt born  6/4/09 

Bay/roan filly born  5/6/09 
Filly SOLD
Not bred Not for sale
Filly SOLD
on colt
Mare FOR SALE/lease with or without colt
Mare FOR SALE/lease
Mare leased for 2010
Have fun riding.
Filly sold
available for lease
Whiskey is not broke to ride.
mare not for sale
mare not for sale
mare not for sale
mare not for sale
mare not for sale
mare not for sale
available for lease
Stitch is not broke to ride.
Mare FOR SALE/lease