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IA Deuces DoBee Wild
2000 dun stallion, 15.1 hands, 1100 lbs and still growing.
10 years
Born with that "look at me" attitude
1 month
4 months
updated on: 1/23/2012
sire: Pauls Scoobydo Bee: 1978 dun,
14.2, 1000lbs
with multiple ROM's for IBHA & ABRA.
Superior Dun Factor ABRA
AQPA Plaque of Supreme Excellence,
sire of IBHA, ABRA champions and ROM earners.
dam: Pocos Black Velvet, 1986 black,
15 hands, 1100 lbs.
True black granddaughter of Poco Bueno and gr granddaughter of Blackman Burdick
Deuce is extremely athletic, has been started under saddle. His foals are very nice. Pretty and athletic.
He is a solid 15.1 hands. Has a long stride, Everyday he looks more like DoBee with his sires pretty head and eye. Also his warped sense of humor.
Deuce extended pedigree
One of the last three foals sired by DoBee.
Deuce is offered for sale. We are asking $6500. Will consider a lease or partnership on him or retain breedings to him.

2012 fee: $500LFG
we will ship semen at mare owners cost.
Deuce 4yrs
Deuce as a foal......
2004 bay filly out of
Dox Double Image, (sorrel)
photo at 2 months
2004 dun colt out of
Coco Roanie Reed, (red dun)
photo at 2 months
Deuce is most likely EE, he has now sired  several foal crops
with NO red foals to date.
Dun,bay and grulla out of sorrel and chestnut mares.
2005 grulla filly out of
Sophie Taylor (liver chestnut)
photo at 1 month
2005 dun colt out of
Red Hot Rey (sorrel)
photo at 5 days
2005 bay colt out of
Buckstitched Merlin, (buckskin)
photo at 3 weeks
2005 buttermilk dun filly out of
Blondys Gold Lady, (palomino)
photo at 2 weeks
2006 dun filly out of
Chex Blackburn Jewel (red dun)
photo at one week

<<  8yrs  >>
some of Deuces foals
2006 silver grullo colt out of
Buckaroo Peppy Cat (grey)
photo at 2 weeks & 1yr
2006 dun filly out of
Leos Blonde Queen (pal)
photo at 2 weeks
2007 dun filly out of
TDL Poco Valley Rose (pal)
photo at 1 week
2007 dun filly out of
Taylors Ten High (liver chestnut)
photo at 3 days
2008 dun filly out of
LP Glittering Lass (APHA)
hrs old
2008 buttermilk dun colt out of
LikeA Diamond Peppy (APHA)
photo at 2 months

2008 gray colt out of
Buckaroo Peppy Cat (gray)
photo at 2 months
2009 dun filly out of
Dunnits Starlet (dun)
photo at 2 months
2003 bay filly out of
Red Hot Rey (chestnut)
photo at 1yr
2010 black tobiano filly out of Maggies Summer Girl (APHA)
6hrs old